outfitting the west with slatwall paneling

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Garage, Garden, Sports

Our garage, garden and sports racks are stocked in Kent, WA. They are made of heavy gauge materials and stocked in natural granite. They are coated with a thick epoxy protective coating to prevent marring and scratching. They can be mounted directly to your walll or with 3" oc  Wood or Plastic Slatwall. Please note that they will only work on 3" oc slatwall.  If using omniwall, T metal inserts; there needs to be an open end to slide the activity organizers onto the slatwall. These activity organizers do not work well with slatwall with plastic channel in the grooves.

7115560150 loop hook

Loop Hook (#SWOL5601)

Great for garden hoses and step ladders. 

7115561050 everything hook

Everything Hook (#SWOL5610)

Multipurpose hook. 3.5" deep.

7115561150 big everything hook

Big Everything Hook (#SWOL5611)

Multipurpose tool hook. 10" deep. 

7115561250 work hook

Work Hook (#SWOL5612)

Multipurpose hook. 8" x 4" x 3.25"

7115561350 big work hook 1

Big Work Hook (#SWOL5613)

Multipurpose tool. 10" x 6.25" x 3.25"

7115560250 shelf with hooks

Shelf with Hooks (#SWOL5602)

Stores garden tools and accessories. 23.5" x 9.75" x 8.5"

7115560350 big tool rack

Big Tool Rack (#SWOL5603)

Perfect for long-handled tools. 22" x 10.75" x 4.75"

7115521050 hand tool rack

Hand Tool Rack (#SWOL5210)

Stores multiple hand tools as well as shop items. 19.75" x 9.25" x 4.25"

7115520050 garden rack with basket

Garden Rack with Basket (#SWOL5200)

Stores garden tools and accessories. The basket is removable. 25" x 10.75" x 9.75"

7115504050 bike rack and basket

Bike Rack and Basket (#SWOL5040)

Holds one bike horizontally. 

7115505050 fish hook

Fish Hook (#SWOL5050)

Stores 4 rods with reels. 21.75" x 4.75" x 4.5"

7115506050 ski rack

Ski Rack (#SWOL5060)

Stores one pair of any kind of skis. 4.5" x 5.25" x 6"

7115507050 sports rack with basket

Sports Rack and Basket (#SWOL5070)

Large basket stores a wide variety of sports balls with easy front access. 33" x 19.5" x 6.5"


"One think I have learned is how valuable it is to work with companies you can trust, and Spacewall West definitely is that. You guys take care of us so well, and your customer service is second to none."

Jonathan P